Singer-Songwriter - Musician - Guitarist


"Your songs are beautifully crafted, diverse and moving."

 -Chuck Clarke, Cashmere, WA

"Equal parts soul and whimsy."

- Susan Johnson, PicknBow House Concerts, Durham, NC

"Her voice is beautiful, she's a pretty hot guitar player, with the power to make us laugh and cry."

- Skip Staples, Danbury Songwriter Series, Danbury NC

"Singing & playing that can stop people who make faces at folk music from being so rude."

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"full of folk gems, soothing vocals pair with clever writing and simple yet sharp acoustic guitar.""

-Indy Week, Durham NC

"How is it that you can be so insightful and combine craft with heart and harmony so perfectly?"

-Caryn K., Seattle, WA

If it's 2020 do I still need to wear glasses?

Watching the calendar fill

I don't know about you but I'm ready to take the new year for a test drive, and see how far we can make it down the road before careening out of control and over the guard rail - full on Thelma and Louise. 

I'm working on a passel of new songs; they all clamor for attention like unruly children, yelling at me to finish them and get on with letting them loose on stage.  Slowly but surely, each one is getting attired in chords, guitar arrangements, lyrics that make sense and tug at your heart or give a good nudge to your funny bone. Can't wait to see what they all look like and whether they'll have inherited my brown eyes, irreverent attitude, and need for comfort.

Here's to  a 2020 that brings new hope,  fresh kindness, deep empathy, and endless days of music with friends.

Look for me at late winter/early spring gigs in Pittsboro, Hillsborough, Greensboro, and a Northwest tour in late April. Going to be a good year, I can tell already <3

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