Singer-Songwriter - Musician - Guitarist


"Your songs are beautifully crafted, diverse and moving."

 -Chuck Clarke, Cashmere, WA

"Equal parts soul and whimsy."

- Susan Johnson, PicknBow House Concerts, Durham, NC

"Her voice is beautiful, she's a pretty hot guitar player, with the power to make us laugh and cry."

- Skip Staples, Danbury Songwriter Series, Danbury NC

"Singing & playing that can stop people who make faces at folk music from being so rude."

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"full of folk gems, soothing vocals pair with clever writing and simple yet sharp acoustic guitar.""

-Indy Week, Durham NC

"How is it that you can be so insightful and combine craft with heart and harmony so perfectly?"

-Caryn K., Seattle, WA


Meet me in September

Almost time to wrap up August in a faded ribbon and tuck it away with other cherished memories. MY road trip through NC, VA, and MD was laced with old and freshly-made friends, and the joy of singing for and with them. Thank you Skip Staples, Ashleigh & Derek, and Cinda & Gary for making my travels and shows delight after delight. I may have brought music to your audiences but you have made my heart sing.

The bounty continues with two last August shows at two classic local music venues, the 8/22 show at the Nightlight and the 8/29 show at the Blue Note Grill. And no slouching into September, three first time local gigs: the Kraken, Lucky 32 in Greensboro, and my first solo set at the wonderful Carrboro Music Festival.

The best part of all of these gigs: getting to play and sing with some of my local heroes and dearly loved musicians: Isabel Taylor, Barry Gray, Danny Gotham, Doug Baker, Lisa Rhodes, Rebecca Newton, Nancy Middleton, Karyn Oliver, and Mary Johnson Rockers. It's gonna be good :-)

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