Bruce Koran, Bakersville House Concert Series, 10/4/17

Something REALLY fine!  I received your album [On To Something Fine] today and I must say that it is truly wonderful effort that is beautifully crafted!  ...I’m one of those folks who really appreciate a good  songwriter’s ability to combine great lyrics with an appropriate and memorable melody, and these songs certainly accomplished that!  They are all excellent compositions and they fit your voice perfectly.  

Chris Spector, Midwest Record 9/22/17

Boojum 5001 - Leah Kaufman | On To Something Fine

After making a name for herself and loading up on folkie awards, Kaufman disappeared for a while and relocated from Seattle to Raleigh where she really makes back porch sounds with the locals who aspire to the back 40.  A gentle rain of well wrought folksiness, Kaufman finds her métier in the country where the nearest coffee shop is miles away and the good vibes stretch out like the fields before you.  Delightful singing and playing that can make people that make faces at the mention of folk music stop being so rude.